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About Clean Slate


Our mission is to "reinvent the internet" so Future Internet can:


  • overcome fundamental architectural limitations of today's Internet
  • incorporate new technologies
  • enable new class of applications and services
  • continue to be a platform for innovations and thus be an engine for economic growth and prosperity for the society.


We know our mission is ambitious - that is what makes it worthy of our group of very talented students, staff, and faculty.



Our Approach

  • We think of the Internet in very broad terms: it is not just about the TCP/IP protocol stack and switches and routers. It is the collection of systems that make the heart of the Internet: the services, computation and storage - those concentrated in dedicated centers, and those globally distributed. It is also the diversity of ways that we will connect to, and interact with, the Internet - via mobile and personal communication, with virtual presence and virtual worlds, reaching all parts of the globe. Together, these form the online infrastructure that society will continue to depend on.
  • We are taking an interdisciplinary approach with students, staff, and faculty from Departments of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Management Science and Engineering and from Business School and Law School. Stanford's depth and breadth of expertise combined with its collaborative culture makes the interdisciplinary program possible.
  • We are also partnering with the industry to benefit from its insights, technologies, and resources. Stanford's long history of successful collaboration with the industry and its location and role in the Silicon Valley makes the industry collaboration at this scale possible.
  • We are reducing barrier to exploring a (radical) idea by creating a mechanism to seed exploratory projects.
  • We are also undertaking larger collaborative flagship projects to address broader research themes and associated challenges that require development of new architectures, technologies and systems and their deployment in a test bed network. For these projects, we are exploring special partnerships with the industry.
  • We are selectively collaborating with researchers outside Stanford and also contributing to national initiatives such as NSF's GENI initiative including FIND that we share a common vision with.
  • We are making it an enjoyable and fun experience for the participants in the program.



Our Team

We have assembled a great team with members that have a strong track record of contributions in all aspects of the Internet:


  • From theory to system development to deployment to technology commercialization
  • From physical layer technologies to network architectures and protocols to distributed systems and services to applications
  • Security and robustness of networks and systems
  • Economics and policy issues pertaining to current and future Internet


You can learn more about the team by looking at People section of the website. We are always interested in new members including undergraduate and graduate students who have a passion to make the world a better place using innovations especially in networking and systems. If you are interested, look at Contact section of the website.