Clean Slate Program

We created Clean Slate Program more than five years ago with Stanford's depth and breadth of expertise to explore what kind of Internet we would design if we were to start with a clean slate and 20-30 years of hindsight. Though the mission was well defined, the potential approach was not. We began with a number of small exploratory projects that led to a few flagship projects that show lot of promise.

We are pleased to report that Clean Slate Program led to many small projects and the following four on-going flagship projects that have the potential to transform different parts of the Internet.

Clean Slate Program has ceased to exist as of January 2012 and has successfully transformed into these four large projects. We invite you to visit the website of these projects, become familiar and get involved.

Past Sponsors

CiscoDocomoDeutsche TelecomNECNational Science FoundationXilinxEricsson