Platform Lab Retreat 2017

    June 8-9, 2017

    Seascape Beach Resort
    Aptos, CA

Thursday, June 8th

12:00pm Check in and Lunch
1:00pm Welcome, Introductions, Platform Lab Overview (John Ousterhout) | view slides
1:45pm Self-Driving Networks — Balaji Prabhakar | view slides
2:10pm Network Clock Synchronization — Yilong Geng | view slides
2:35pm Deep Reinforcement Learning for Content Delivery — Sachin Katti | view slides
3:00pm Break
3:30pm Granular computing for low-latency compression and compilation — Keith Winstein | view slides
3:55pm Arachne: Core-Aware Thread Management — Henry Qin | view slides
4:20pm A coarse-grain reconfigurable architecture for analytics — Raghu Prabhakar | view slides
4:45pm Breakout Discussions (in parallel): Self Driving Networks, Granular Computing, Scalable Notification, Serverless Computing  
5:45pm Reception/posters 
7:00pm Dinner
9:00pm Board games

Friday, June 9th

8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Reports from the breakout discussions
9:25am Efficient Methods for Deep Neural Networks — Song Han | view slides
9:50am Predictable Stream Processing — Manu Bansal | view slides
10:15am Can Great Programmers Be Taught? — John Ousterhout | view slides
10:40pm Recreation and Informal Conversations 
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm BCP for datacenters — Matei Zaharia | view slides
1:25pm Hierarchy for Web Search — Grant Ayers
1:50pm Homa: A Receiver-Driven Low-Latency Transport Protocol Using Network Priorities — Behnam Montazeri | view slides
2:15pm CGAR: Strong Consistency without Synchronous Replication — Seo Jin Park | view slides
2:40pm Break
3:00pm Machine Learning Methods for Networking — Zi Yin | view slides
3:25pm Accelerating Genomics Computations 1000x with Hardware — Yatish Turakhia | view slides
3:50pm Industrial Feedback 
4:30pm Wrap-up