Platform Lab Retreats 2019

    June 6-7, 2019

    Oceano Hotel & Spa
    Half Moon Bay, CA

Thursday, June 6th

12:00pm Check in and Lunch
1:00pm Welcome, Introductions, Platform Lab Overview — John Ousterhout | view slides
1:30pm Distributed inference and learning — Sandeep Chinchali | view slides
2:00pm INFaaS: Managed and model-less inference serving — Francisco Romero, Qian Li, Neeraja Yadwakar | view slides
2:30pm Smart Harvesting of Spare CPU Cores in Cloud Servers — Yawen Wang | view slides
3:00pm Break
3:30pm OREO: Serverless computing with performance guarantees — Neeraja Yadwadkar
4:00pm Continual learning improves video streaming — Keith Winstein | view slides
4:30pm MilliSort: An Experiment in Flash Bursts — Yilong Li | view slides
5:00pm Lightning Talks by Students on Posters
5:30pm Reception and Poster Session
7:00pm Dinner
9:00pm Solicit Ideas for Event Socialization

Friday, June 7th

8:00am Breakfast
9:00am The World Needs a New NIC (and it needs to run Homa) by John Ousterhout | view slides
9:30am Enabling Affordable Precision Agriculture by Sensing Soil Moisture Wirelessly — Colleen Josephson | view slides
10:00am Power Clocks: Dynamic Multi-Clock Management for Embedded Systems — Holly Chiang | view slides
10:30am Recreation and Informal Conversations
12:00pm Lunch and Talk by Nick McKeown on SDN & Programmable Forwarding
1:30pm Self Programming Networks: from Sensing to Control — Balaji Prabhakar | view slides
2:00pm Using NICs and ECC to Improve Packet Transport — Shiyu Liu | view slides
2:30pm CRaft: Using Accurate Clocks to build Multi-leader Version of Raft — Feiran Wang | view slides
3:00pm Break
3:30pm Deep Learning Multi-Robot Task Assignment Policies for Flexible Manufacturing – Patrick Washington | view slides
4:00pm Industrial Feedback
4:30pm Wrap-up