Platform Lab Retreat 2020

    June 10-15, 2020

    Stanford University

Session 1: Wednesday, June 10th | view recordings

Organized Talks/Discussion

2:00pm State of Platform Lab — John Ousterhout | view slides
2:30pm Reflections of Faculty on Five Years of Platform Lab | view slides
3:30pm Break
3:45pm Invited Talk — Building Open Connect, the Netflix Content Delivery Network – Ken Florance and David Fullagar, Netflix | view slides
4:15pm A Linux Kernel Implementation of the Homa Transport Protocol — John Ousterhout | view slides
4:45pm nanoPU — Steve Ibanez | view slides

Session 2: Thursday, June 11th | view recordings

It is about time!

4:30pm Overview SPN Control + FinTech – Mendel Rosenblum | view slides
4:40pm Controlling a Network from the Edge – Shiyu Liu | view slides
Discussants: Mohan Kalkunte, Broadcom; Mukarram Tariq, Google; Pere Monclus, VMware
5:10pm Panel: The Tech Industry and COVID-19 – Roland Acra, Cisco; Greg Lavender, VMware
5:40pm Break
6:10pm Time, the Final Frontier: Time Perimeters for Event Scheduling – Balaji Prabhakar | view slides
6:25pm CloudEx: Building a "Jitter-free" Financial Exchange in the Cloud – Jinkun Geng | view slides
Discussants: Nikolai Larbalestier, Nasdaq; Peter Shen, SGX; Stuart Krupnik, Wells Fargo
6:55pm Panel: The Financial Industry and COVID-19
Nikolai Larbalestier, Nasdaq; Peter Shen, SGX; Ravi Radhakrishnan, Wells Fargo
7:30pm Wrap

Session 3: Friday, June 12th | view recordings

Organized Talks/Discussion

2:00pm Invited Talk — Albert Greenberg, Microsoft
2:30pm Distributed Procedure Call — Collin Lee | view slides
3:00pm Software-Defined Memory — Chenzhou Zhu | view slides
3:30pm Break
3:45pm Cloud Robotics — Sandeep Chinchali | view slides
4:15pm Llama: Navigating Trade-offs in Diverse Video Pipelines using Heterogeneous Serverless Computing – Mark Zhao, Francisco Romero | view slides
4:45pm Invited Talk – Programmable Data-plane for Multi-Tenant Network Services at Scale – Sherif Abdelwahab, Futurewei | view slides

Session 4: Monday, June 15th

2:00pm Student Lightning Session | view slides
2:30pm Poster Session