Sadjad Fouladi


Sadjad Fouladi

EMAIL: sadjad at cs dot stanford dot edu


Sadjad focuses on using granular computing in the areas of video processing and interactive software. The ExCamera project introduced a video codec with a new interface that is intended for massive parallelism. ExCamera is able to do low-latency video processing by running thousands of threads on a serverless platform. In the Salsify project, use of a granular, functional video codec significantly improved delay and quality of real-time video and video conferencing. Currently, Sadjad is working on general purpose lambda project, where the user can offload time consuming tasks, such as software compilation, to thousands of parallel threads running in the cloud.


  • Fouladi, S., Wahby, R.S., Shacklett, B., Balasubramaniam K., Zeng W., Bhalerao, R., Sivaraman, A., Porter, G. and Winstein, K., 2017, March. Encoding, Fast and Slow: Low-Latency Video Processing Using Thousands of Tiny Threads. In 14th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI 17). USENIX Association.

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