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Platform Lab Winter Review 2017

February 9th, 2017

Stanford University

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Breakfast and Registration


  • Platform Lab Overview— John Ousterhout | Slides

Big Control Platform(BCP) Abstractions and Services:

  • Directed Information Gathering- Mac Schwager/Riccardo Spica | Slides
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning for Device Control- Blake Wulfe | Slides
  • Distributed Geometric Data Structures- Philip Levis | Slides


10:30 am

Self-Driving Programmable Networks

11:00 am
  • Data Driven Networking-Sachin Katti | Slides
  • Self Driving Networks - Balaji Prabhakar | Slides
  • Weld: Fast Data Analytics on Modern Hardware - Shoumik Palkar | Slides

12:15 pm
  • Lightning Talks by Students | Slides

Lunch and Poster Session

12:45 pm

Invited Sponser Talks

2:00 pm
  • Network Management beyond SDN-Jeff Mogul-Google | Slides
  • Potential Big Control Use Cases- Ayush Sharma, Huawei

Panel on Granular Computing

  • Keith Winstein, Christos Kozyrakis, Philip Levis, John Ousterhout


3:45 pm

Granular Computing Platform

4:15 pm
  • NanoLog: A Nanosecond Scale Logger- Stephen Yang | Slides
  • RAIL: Predictable, Low Tail Latency for Flash-based SSD - Heiner litz | Slides
  • TETRIS: Scalable and Efficient Neural Network Acceleration with 3D Memory- Mingyu Gao | Slides

Wrap Up

5:30 pm


5:45 pm